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I have never made a fortune . . .
and it is probably too late now.
I do not worry about that much
. . . I am happy anyhow.

For, as I go along the way of life,
I reap better than I have sowed . . .
I am drinking from my saucer,
because my cup has overflowed.

Have not got a lot of riches,
and sometimes the going is tough . . .
but there are caring folks around me,
and that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for His blessings,
and the mercies He bestows.
I am drinking from my saucer,
because my cup has overflowed.

O, remember times when things went wrong,
my faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
and the sun peeped through again.

So Lord, help me not to gripe about
the tough rows that I have hoed . . .
I am drinking from my saucer,
because my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage
when the going gets steep and rough,
I will not ask for other blessings . . .
I am already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy
to help others bear their loads.
With them I share my saucer,
because my cup has overflowed.

-George McPhee

Minor adjustments were made to eliminate apostrophes.

The above poem was received from gentle-spirited Ozelle, wife of our kind neighbor when we lived in rural Crestview, Florida. She always had time to share her good life and any burden we may have had, making it all better with a plate of Cathead Biscuits.

From Sam, here is a bit of real life history about drinking from my saucer. He says that in the olden days his grandfather, while his coffee was still too hot to sip from the cup, would spill a portion of the coffee into his saucer on purpose . . . that means, deliberately . . . and then he would set the coffee cup down on the tablecloth . . . followed by lifting the saucer to his lips to drink from it . . . Sam says it was messy.

And of course GrandMama is sitting across the table from GrandPapa without a thought resting on the coffee stains setting on her tablecloth. No, indeed. She had long ago upgraded to oil-cloth. She just passes another Cathead Biscuit to GrandPapa.

Now before you get your dander up, this was a perfectly normal day around the breakfast table. By the way, GrandMama would put a tablecloth over the food still on the table . . . to keep off the flies, naturally. If you wanted something to eat before dinner, there it was, waiting.


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