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Smiling Bear Antiques Shop

Hill City - Western South Dakota
Central in the Black Hills National Forest, near Mount Rushmore
Walk to Historic Downtown


. . . to the ANTIQUE TRAIL of Smiling Bear

Smiling Bear Antiques Shop, presents customers
the opportunity to touch, turn over and even smell
the fascinating objects that produce heart throbs . . . antiques.
Black Hills ponderosa pine shelving affords anteekers,
and curious regular tourists,
an outdoorsy atmosphere for the thrill of the hunt
while tracking quality gifts, souvenirs and take-home treasures.

Though the business signage in front states
Smiling Bear Gifts and Antiques,
the heart of Smiling Bear proclaims . . .
Gifts of Antiques!

Beyond these forest-themed shelves and walls,
the appealing setting is Hill City, South Dakota,
nestled in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills National Forest.
From historic downtown to the 1880 Train and the gold mill up the road,
these surroundings raise nostalgia.


The carefully selected line of exciting antiques found at Smiling Bear
can provide exceptional and distinctive additions
pleasing to the interior design of your unique living spaces.
An important consideration and bonus is that of investment.


Someone else will want your find, if and when you want a change.
No doubt, someone else already wants it!
And many an antique is destined to become a priceless family heirloom,
even though possibly found debunked in the attic.



Early prints and original art (watercolors, pastels, oils);
as well as fine antique and vintage porcelain or glassware
(flow blue, vaseline glass, Victorian, art deco, 40s 50s 60s); and
19th century kerosene lamps, cake stands, mustard pots . . .
all have the innate - hereditary, if you will - ability or charisma
to favorably compliment any particular decorating style,
from elegant to country rustic to shabby chic,
all around the home . . . be it ever so.

For those irresistibly drawn to the charm of small metal items
(cast iron, bronze, copper, arts & crafts, art nouveau, and more) . . .
these pieces will cozy-up to just about anything!
Begging to be handled, their beauty and patina improve with it.

Primitives, such as match holders, spice cabinets, sugar firkins,
antique woven split oak basketry . . . these things warmly enliven
wherever they are settled, like the presence of a grandmother.
Add candle and butter molds, rolling pins, decorated stoneware,
some uncommon patterns of eapg (early American pressed glass)

. . . and grandmother may just move in with you!
Nuf Ced

The antiques which are near and dear to the heart of Smiling Bear
reflect our heritage in the USA, from the tools wielded
by wholehearted pioneers, digging in where no-one had dug before . . .
to the cheerfully colored glassware
manufactured profusely for the people of the Great Depression.

An assortment of advertising memorabilia and souvenirs
can be described as amusing . . . purr-fit . . . pampering . . . balanced . . .
even patriotic, resonating the strength of courageous inner mettle
through generations, still echoing from political podiums to this day,
for example, God bless America.

The true deep sentiments of brave
Rosie the Riveter
are here to respect.

Broad Selection of the Unusual
Invites All-Age Shoppers to Linger

Such an intriguing stash of old stuff is ready to be discovered,
including some really fascinating peculiar widgets and quirky gadgets
which make terrifically conversational present-day gifts and mementoes.
Milk glass isn’t always what you expect, is it?

Many of the treasures at Smiling Bear will take you way back,
even if you have not very far back to go.

Smiling Bear has an out-of-forest grandcub who, with permission,
pacrats away special miniature selections for future play times . . .
butter pat plates, salt dip bowls, a cute fox toothpick holder (vase?)
Men, women and children, all enjoy browsing the shelves, nooks,
crannies and cabinets of Smiling Bear Antiques.

Make Smiling Bear a family destination on a trip to the Black Hills,
any time of year.


Smiling Bear camps comfortably with an integrated venture . . .
Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast
here in this quaint mountain town of Hill City.

Another camp-companion of Smiling Bear is an Espresso Bar,
serving visitors thirst-quenching, satisfying, pick-me-up treats . . .
such as our popular Wild Chokecherry Latte and Mocha Polka,
either one available hot or iced!
Our icy cold blended Frappes are good for cooling down
in the heat of a Black Hills summer day.


Considering that more antiques are offered on Main Street in Hill City,
as well as in other Black Hills communities, you may wish to plan a trip soon,
and reserve your vacation lodging at Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast.
The town may just have a SPECIAL ANTIQUES EVENT on the schedule!

Your prospective home away from home . . .

. . . is near South Dakota's great attractions,
most significantly Mt. Rushmore.
Custer State Park and scenic drives along the
Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway,
cool caves, mountain lakes and clear musical streams . . .
these are all sure to lure you into the evergreen-scented forest!

Along the popular Mickelson Trail, the Bed and Breakfast is also
within easy walking distance of everything Hill City offers,
just 1-1/2 blocks to historic downtown and the mentioned antiques . . .
plus delicious dining, regional fine art and eclectic shops.
Equally close is the 1880 Train, a ride through exciting local history.
Along that vein, Wades Gold Mill, just up Deerfield Road,
will enlighten you on the Gold Rush days of the late 1800s,
demonstrating their working mill and teaching you how to pan for gold.

Nearby are Bear Country USA and Reptile Gardens,
and so many more attractions and activities you will not want to miss.

Bed and Breakfast Lodging in the Mountains

From the mountains to the prairies, come to the Heart of the Hills . . .
Make our Bed and Breakfast your relaxing place, and your venturing-off point!
A Double Special is available for early reservations
as well as for lingering longer.
Please visit the Dates, Rates & More page, to find the important details.
Be sure to take the B&B Suites Tour, too.

Email SAM and LINDA - Phone 605-574-2424

This campsite is a work in progress.
Thank you for stopping by and please come back!